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As an educator, I am passionate about encouraging my students to develop the skills to be active citizens in a greatly connected and highly diverse world. Through my workshops, I aim to develop each participant's understanding of self and others through discussion, making and analysis of artworks.  Consequently, my workshops often explore themes of identity, cultural identity, cross-cultural understanding and giving voice to those who are or have been silenced.

Discussion and analysis are key to my workshops, the analysis of the participant's own art and the art of others enables them to develop an understanding of people’s different experiences and perspectives of the same topics. This not only establishes their own viewpoint and confidence but introduces new perspectives and develops a level of understanding and empathy for others.


Working with LUCIANO was a delight. He listened to our needs and was immediately responsive with a range of creative opportunities. Given the possibility of another lockdown, and the differing student abilities, LUCIANO presented us with a flexible solution. The response from the students and families to "Trinity Towns" was overwhelmingly enthusiastic and turned out to be a formative and enjoyable teaching collaboration.


Sally Esse, Visual Arts Teacher

Trinity Grammar School



Trinity Towns

To celebrate the 2021 Trinity Grammar Junior School Art Show, I was invited to devise a collaborative art piece that would be made by the student cohort. Coinciding with the easing of COVID-19 restrictions in Victoria and students returning to school physically, these workshops explored the PYP Global Context of “Where we are in place and time” and endeavoured to bring together the Trinity community in a ‘Trinity Town’.  


The Stories That Connect Us

Guided by lead artist LUCIANO, students from Creekside K-9 College observed and interviewed visitors to Lake Caroline to gather special stories and place-based events to help them investigate what makes the lake a unique place to visit.

Using their findings, students created a series of public, interactive artworks to connect the local community again post lockdown.


Beth Nolan

Sonia Zymantas


Being with stories

A collaborative and socially engaged arts workshop that brought together socially, culturally and economically disparate learners to practice in, through and with the Visual Arts to explore and express cultural identity as, for and by youth.


Dr. Kathryn Coleman

AIR Jordan Wells

Past Partners

Past Partners


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