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Publications by LUCIANO

Publications by LUCIANO


Ways of being and doing art in SPACE

Coleman, K., Hudson, AL., & Wells, J.

chapter in

Global Consciousness through the Arts: A Passport for Students and Teachers Edition 2. (2020).

Richards, A. & Willis, S.

Press and Interviews

Press and Interviews

May, 2021

May, 2021

3RRR - SmartArts with Richard Watts

3CR Tuesday Breakfast

Feb, 2021

Jan, 2021

Oct, 2020

Sept, 2020

May, 2020

Hairy Originals Community Podcast


Radio Interview with Anna and Dean Murphy - Retracing Melbourne’s Queer Footprint

Kingart Interviews 2020

Hairy Originals Community

Dandenong Journal

Interview with Danielle Kutchel - Art 'Threads through isolation'

Video Media

October 2021

Melbourne Art Library - Craft Contemporary Festival

Crafted Conversations Instagram Live

To celebrate the handmade, Melbourne Art Library present 'Crafted Conversations', a satellite program of the 2021 Craft Contemporary festival presented by Craft Victoria.


Hear about Luciano’s upcoming projects including Spinning Yarns, an interactive performance work developed for Knox Immerse festival, and how the past two years have transformed his practice.

LUCIANO is an arts educator and multidisciplinary artist seeking to reveal the histories embedded in materials. By integrating handicraft and new media, he explores the social relationship between people and textile crafts. Luciano has developed the community arts project Queerways: Retracing Melbourne's Queer Footprint in collaboration with Georgia Keats and supported by the Australian Queer Archive.


October 2020

Craft Victoria - Craft Contemporary Festival

Virtual Open Studio Tour

Following a recent trip to Burano, Italy, Luciano was given lace cottons that had been owned and used by his great grandmother, grandmother and mother in their own craft practices. These cotton heirlooms inspired him to create his own lacework, in which he intertwines these cottons with contemporary threads, tying together the history of the material and craft with his own contemporary experiences and practice in point lace making.

During his Virtual Open Studio, Luciano will demonstrate how his punto in aria (‘stitches in the air’) come to be, taking participants through the steps of needle lace production. Using his current lacework as a base, Luciano will show how to move from a pattern to lacework, as well as demonstrate some basic stitches.

More information can be found here

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