This workshop was completed during my residency at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education (MGSE), University of Melbourne. 


Located within the studioFive SPACE, I worked collaboratively with Dr Kathryn Coleman and artist in residence Jordan Wells as part of an intensive Undergraduate Breadth subject at MGSE. This program brought together learners from multi-disciplinary backgrounds to practice in, through and with the arts (art, music, and drama) for ways into exploring and expressing cultural identity as, for and by youth. Our community of artist-students were disparate in their social, cultural and economic statuses, as well as their access to higher education facilities, visual art studio spaces and practices.

Artist-students initially worked independently on autobiographical zines with Jordan Wells before consulting with each other to produce and display a community quilt, representative of each member of their new community. This involved student-artists engaging in collaborative practice – expressions and sharing their social, cultural and political identities to develop relationships and work communally.

The following lesson plan covers the production and display of the community quilt, through the lens of the Victorian curriculum. This distinction is important, as students engage with art as both as artist and audience, maker and responder.


This workshop design and resulting work has been published in Global Consciousness through the Arts: A Passport for Students
and Teachers Edition 2. (2020) by Richards, A. & Willis, S. Details can be found in my Library


Being with stories



  • To introduce and engage our student-artists with collaborative practice, explaining how through sharing, collaboration and building relationships with others art can be a social and communal activity.


  • Offer the student-artists the time, space and opportunity to express and share their social, cultural and political identities within a site, not regularly accessible to all of them.



Materials and Resources:


  1. Square card, acetate or felt

  2. Box of textiles

  3. Magazines

  4. Embroidery thread and needles 

  5. Fabric paints 

  6. Concept slides