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A common thread runs through my own life and the lives of the queer men around me, nurture and support from women. In the same generative ways that women have traditionally spun, wove and created cloth, women support and develop those around them. This support is particularly important for queer men, who are often isolated from traditionally “male” spaces, activities and social circles. Whether from family, friends, teachers, mentors or even strangers, each of the queer men around me have been encouraged and supported by women. I believe the lives of queer men and women are tied together, and it is this interweaving of our stories that requires us to support each other’s communities. 


Depicted in miniature lace portraits are women who have influenced my life. My mother is pictured spinning the "thread of life" from which each woman sews. They are depicted as lace makers, each contributing their own special stitch, as was common in the production of lace in Burano, Italy.

Women's Work
Women's Work


Heirloom crochet cotton, embroidery thread, metallic embroidery thread

245 x 60 mm

Exhibition and Press


The process of Women's Work and its inspirations featured in Luciano's Craft Victoria Virtual Open Studio Tour as part of the 2020 Craft Contemporary Festival.

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