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Like many, I turned to craft and making to process the unparalleled events that shaped 2020. For others, this appeared as a romantic strategy to withdraw from our chaotic world and the frightening headlines and social media updates about the state of our planet, communities, health and future. My experience contrasted this, the repetitive nature of making eliciting reflective thoughts. It brought these events to the front of my mind. My emotions and stresses became interwoven throughout my work. Soon I was in knots, both physically and mentally.

 Music by Marli Grosskopf

in knots
in knots



02:27 minutes

Exhibition and Press


in knots premiered in Perth on Sunday, 23 May 2021 as part of The Makers’ Film Festival in complement to the program launch of the Indian Ocean Craft Triennial and featured in the promotional video for the festival.

in knots also featured as part of The Makers’ Film Festival 2021 at the Korean Craft and Design Foundation, Seoul in September 2021, the Maritime Museum, Fremantle in October 2021 and the Ningaloo Centre, Exmouth in February, 2022. 

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